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Can John Barrow lead on anything?
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How can we expect leadership if it's all just about being reelected? Should children who saw his shotgun reelection ad see Mr. Barrow as a leader? Many of these kids are learning about a leader named Jesus who never owned weapons and promoted his ignorance of how to use them as a virtue not a vice. He was real into nonviolence including destroying all weapons — and he lived in a far more dangerous voting district than ours! He would not condone David's sling but condemn it — that is a core understanding if Jesus is really your co-pilot besides Sunday morning. Many countries have the same proportion of mentally ill people that we do, but the U.S. is unique with gun violence. Mr. Barrow should stop supporting the National Rifle Association (NRA) distractor of focusing on the mentally ill when it is widespread gun availability that is the problem. Felons can't get guns, but their girlfriends can very easily. Most of Utah's concealed-carry permits are held by nonresidents. Stories about a successful defense of a home with a gun are anecdotal without the large numbers that should guide policy. Even if such large numbers did exist, they must be offset by the damage guns do in a home to those who live there even if they have gun training. And why do some Georgia ministers want to carry concealed guns in their churches, Mr. Barrow? That's Christian leadership?

Greg Brock

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