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Bowersville citizen makes case for Broun for Senate
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Imagine it’s half-time in last Saturday’s Georgia-South Carolina game. The refs announce that a ruling body of knuckleheads is going to change the clock whenever they want, just to keep the game’s progress in check. Five minutes into the third quarter, the refs tell Richt and Spurrier: no more play calling — they have to follow a predetermined script. Later those refs put heads together and decide the players are gonna hurt each other, so all of ’em must have hands tied behind backs — disarmed, if you will.  It’s absurd to consider. Football wouldn’t be football without sticking to the nature of the game.

It’s the same with our nation. Our Founding Fathers wisely constructed a set of rules to form the very nature of this constitutional republican system: our Constitution. But national leaders act as if they are not bound by the restraints given in the Constitution. We are reaping the consequences. And it is absurd. A constitutional republic is not a constitutional republic if we don’t stick to the Constitution. And we may not be one for much longer.

So Georgia needs to step up. We have the opportunity to send a true and proven constitutional conservative to the Senate. Paul Broun is that man. Many in this race are talking about constitutional restraint. But Paul is proven. His four-way test is a simple and effective method to determine where he should vote on legislation: Is it right and moral? Is it constitutional? Is it necessary? Is it affordable? And his voting record proves his commitment to this test. Scored 99 percent by Club for Growth. Scored 94 percent by Heritage Action. Scored A+ by Gun Owners of America. Scored 100 percent by Freedom Works. Scored 100 percent by American Conservative Union. What do these scores mean? These are some of the premier conservative organizations in the country and they agree that Paul’s record proves his constitutional commitment.

Paul Broun is what this state and what this nation needs: a true and proven constitutional conservative. Learn more at and volunteer to help elect Paul Broun to the Senate!

Adam Sheridan
Bowersville, Ga.

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