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Both Bush and Obama have grown government irresponsibly
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      In earlier letters, I have spoken out against the Obama administration’s actions that are in opposition to the promises he made on the campaign trail. He has alienated both the left and right due to a series of moves that bring into question just how is “running the show.” Three weeks ago, I used the appointment of Donald Berwick as an example of this.
      Mr. Berwick was appointed as head of the “Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services”. (I put this in quotations because I am quoting it from an article, not – as Mr. Garner states - that it is because I am being disingenuous). Yes, other presidents have used a recess appointment and, yes, every president in recent history has used a recess appointment; however, that is the point I am making.
      If we look back 20 years, many of the names in the House and Senate were there that we find today. What America needs is a complete turnover of our leadership in Washington. There is no transparency, as promised by our current president, but the real problem is an “inside the beltway” mentality. The only way that this can be fixed is to vote men and women into office that are not part of this “fraternity”.
      Part of this change is also needed at the executive level, too. For too long – going back for as long as I remember – the office of president has allowed a hidden agenda that puts “We the People” in the dark. While I understand that there will always be need for “Top secret” information, much of what is kept from us is due to the simple fact that the information is hidden to protect the administrations from embarrassment and possibly legal charges.
      There should be no recess appointments at the level that Mr. Berwick has. There should be debate in the senate. Minority leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell said the following: "As if shoving a trillion dollar government takeover of health care down the throat of a disapproving American public wasn't enough, apparently the Obama Administration intends to arrogantly circumvent the American people yet again by recess appointing one of the most prominent advocates of rationed health care to implement their national plan,"
      Shouldn’t there be an opportunity for the people’s representatives to have that opportunity?
       Yes, President Bush used the same appointment process, and it was just as wrong then as it is now. I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat; I am a non-hyphenated American. We need a major change in our government. This includes more states rights, a much smaller Federal government, and a return to using the Constitution for guidance instead of looking for ways to circumvent it.
      There is much to be proud of as an American and no other country in the world has been or is as great. However, there needs to be some new faces in Washington and the only way for that to happen is for We the People to effect the change. President Bush and President Obama both have grown our government to the stage that it is bloated. It is time for a real change.
      As always, I pray that all of us find peace and joy in our own way. May God bless!
Tom Grovenstein

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