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Be even more aware of alcohol abuse in April
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      This month is special, not just because spring is here in full force, not just because summer is right around the corner, but because of what this month has been set aside for us to remember. April is Alcohol Awareness Month.
      Alcohol use and abuse is prevalent in our society and culture. From advertisements on television and billboards, to word-of-mouth parties and gatherings in our communities, the thought and presence of alcohol is never far away. Yet this substance that is so prevalent is also extremely dangerous. Alcohol intoxication leads to violence, accidents, injury, and death. These types of occurrences can quickly turn a joyous occasion into a tragic one.
      So this month, take some time to remember that drinking alcohol can have serious negative consequences. Be mindful of this as you go about your life's activities. Know that one mistake can lead to a major life change. And let your awareness of alcohol in April spread to the rest of the year as well, leading you to make good, safe choices.
Jason Blizzard
Prevention Coordinator
Pineland MH/DD/AD

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