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An open letter from Peggy Chapman
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Dear Friends,
       It has been my utmost pleasure to serve as your Chamber President and Executive Director of the Development Authority of Bulloch County for the past 20 years.
       I wish that I could reach out and touch each of you and thank you for what you have meant to me. It's really very hard to believe that it's been 20 years since I made that long trip from Cairo, Georgia to meet with people who would change me and my life forever.
       I thank you for allowing me to fulfill my dreams of creating a productive and progressive Chamber of Commerce and one of the best development authorities in the entire state.
      You have allowed me to use all of my right brain and supported many ideas that to some may have seemed foolish. You have supported my dreams of having a community that truly works together for the benefit of all and lays aside selfish and self serving ideas and supports what will work best for all of Bulloch County.
       During my 38 years in the economic development and chamber profession I have never tried to please anyone. My goal has been to always do what was right and best for the community I served. I hope that I have achieved that goal.
       I am so honored to have represented you over the past 20 years and I feel blessed to have been offered this opportunity.
       While I am not certain of my future plans (except to be a super grandmother and mother) I will remain in Statesboro and hope to remain a productive citizen. I believe that Working Together does Work and I hope to carry that message in all of my future endeavors.
       Thank you for your support and friendship over the years and it has truly been my pleasure to serve you.
       I wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.
Peggy Chapman



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