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America's business isn't just business
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Why are both the Great Depression and Great Recession preceded by presidents who believed that America's business is just business? Both helped dismantle the regulations that are essential to any well-functioning markets. The best markets are not free of government, but are transformed by transparent regulations that promote their growth. If you set the distortions of Soviet and Chinese style communism aside, the original idea of communism was to have the state "whither away" = no federal government. Associating big government with communism is incorrect.

As for all these federal incursions into our private sector banking (Synovus/Sea Island federal bailout money), beloved city (federal $1.1 million EDA grant) and private lives (federal mortgage interest tax deduction), you don't need a McElwee column to tell you how to stand firm. Just use your tax form and don't take the mortgage interest deduction for a primary residence. Take a personal stand against our national debt! You can then tell your suburban neighbors that, unlike them, you reject big government and are not living in federally-subsidized housing anymore. However, that might mean you are on the "road to commununism" = a socialist!

Greg Brock


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