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Americans need to take control of our country
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      As of this writing, we have ‘the leader of the free world' apologizing to those with whom we have nothing to apologize to, ignoring the generals and other experts and bringing home those in Afghanistan too early, blaming every problem on an earlier president, enforcing anti-immigration policies at the expense of Georgia's farmers, and treating himself to weekend after weekend of golf. The destruction of America is coming closer and closer to reality.
      Americans must do what our leadership in America cannot. "We the People", those who took a stand against tyranny in 1776, 1812, 1917, 1941, 1950, 1962, and 09-11-2001 through today, must take our country back from those who are unable to run it responsibility. After World War II, America rebuilt the infrastructure of the countries in Europe - those who stood by us and those who stood against us. No matter the political leanings of a country, if there is a natural disaster, "We the People" are there. America welcomes over 1 million new citizens each year. I know of few Americans who leave our country to move to another country. We owe no one an apology.
      What can we do? First, we must learn to believe in the America that our Founding Fathers meant it to be. While the first thing you should do - if you have never done it - is read the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. These two documents are what America has been built on. It is so important in this time of "a New York minute" that we understand just how and to what degree our elected officials use the power we give them.
      As recent weeks have shown, the gridlock in Washington is no closer to being resolved than six weeks ago. There is a real chance that America could go into default - a "kiss of death" in world politics and in the world monetary systems. It is time to cut both the tax "loopholes" that the Republicans hold so dear and the "entitlement programs" that the Democrats also hold dear. We must also become much more concerned about all that is inside our borders and much less outside of it. Let us rebuild our shaky infrastructure, use our own workers to build our cars, computers, and other "Made in China" items that we cannot avoid in one of the big box stores we seem to find on every other corner.
      Another major shift must occur in the banking sector. Unless and until the government releases money to the small business owner, our economy will continue to stagnate. So much of President Obama's glib use of borrowed money was used for projects that didn't increase the workforce down to the promised 8% unemployment and today it was announced that the national unemployment is 9.2%. Adding underemployment and those who have simply given up, the total approaches 20%. If the small businesses were given just 20% of the money that was, for all intents and purposes, thrown away, thousands of real, meaningful jobs would have been created.
      In closing, I have one final issue. America must get out of the United Nations. This anti-American organization wants a "World Government" and the United States just keeps getting in the way. Time after time, world leaders step up to the rostrum and insult and defame America, while we sit and simply take it. We must stand up and tell our elected representatives that We the People demand that it is time to bring honor and respect back to our country. While we must keep our overseas obligations, it is time to look inward and begin rebuilding the greatest country the world has ever seen.
Thomas Grovenstein

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