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A tribute to a fine educator
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She was the embodiment of grace and generosity to all who knew Esther Mallard. And she was a teacher of History, leading her students across the dusty plains, up mountain trails to that land of past activity.

Along the way as she offered her scintillating sentences of dates and places which once were and shaped our todays, she would pause and remind her students they too will become history. Through their thinking, they will sketch. Through their common sense, they will sketch. Through their empathy for life, they will sketch.

And she was absolutely wonderful as she drew upon the walls of her marvelous arcade. Today, throughout the land, a dad is asked by a young son or daughter, a "why" question. And the dad's answer will be "because of a very special lady who taught me history. Her name was Mrs. Mallard."

I have known Esther and Jack Mallard for years and on each occasion — lunch at Snooky's especially — she offered me a smile for the century and always asked, "How is your son Mark?" She remembered Mark well as a bright student whom she challenged each day to do more. "Come on reach higher!" Sitting across the booth was Jack. And when the tenderness was slowing down, her mate for life world offer a court jester piece of humor and wit, completing the picture as Esther just sat there beaming as the love her life gave forth with uplifting laughter.

My, my, what a fine duet.

When I think of one who changed many lives forever, I go to this Grand Dame, Esther. In knowing her and hearing her, confirms, now and then, God slips an angel among us, to walk and share and prepare us for the future as she saluted the past.

Ric Mandes


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