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A thank you to a trooper
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This is a thank you letter to Officer Hendrix of the Georgia State Patrol.

On the morning of March 15, my sister called to check on my mom as she always does each and every morning. During the phone conversation, my sister realized that mom was not feeling well and immediately my sister got into her car to go check on mom. While driving, my sister "rolled" through a four-way stop. She noticed that a Georgia State Patrol vehicle was sitting at the top of the hill, and rightfully so, the officer pulled my sister over, and asked for her driving license.

Once he had checked her license and returned to give back her license, he realized my sister was a little stressed and asked what was wrong. She explained the situation and Officer Hendrix simply asked my sister for the address and asked her to follow him. Using no blue lights or sirens, Officer Hendrix went with my sister to my mom's house and upon arrival, went to the door to see if he could be of assistance in any way. After my sister assured him that everything was fine, she thanked him and he returned to his patrol car and he left to carry out the duties assigned to him for that day.

We don't know his first name. We don't know his badge number. We don't know his rank. All we know is that Officer Hendrix with the Georgia State Patrol cared enough to help my sister and mom any way he could. He could have told my sister to be careful driving, don't roll through four-way stops and that he hoped everything would be fine with my mom. But he didn't.

Our family thanks you, Officer Hendrix, for not only what you did that March 15 morning, but for everyday that you work the roads in the State of Georgia to ensure the safety and well-being of the citizens of this state and country. No one asked you to help. But because you cared enough to help in any way you could, we are deeply appreciative.

Jack Webb


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