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A thank you to a minister of music
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A standing ovation for Bill Corn, Minister of Music for our First Baptist Church. And let the applause ring out through that cathedral onto Main Street and through hamlets of the ‘Boro. He is God’s servant who brings music each Sabbath to fit the theme of Dr. John Waters’ interpretation of God’s holy word.
Where am I coming from with this? Last Saturday evening I sat transfixed, moved, inspired by the work of Bill, who designed a chorale of voices well in the number of 200! Additionally he drew upon adult members of this Lord’s house to blend the true meaning of Christmas with a venue of a modern-day home balanced across stage with the manger scene.
I salute Bill’s widespread use of little folks to senior citizens in his planning out this year’s Christmas Celebration. Oh my word, Bill Coen, I salute you for your work for the church these past 14 years.
It was misting rain as I walked to my car. Which reminded me of the chilled weather greeting me as I walked the cliffs of Dover and on to Canterbury Cathedral where our tour stopped to see what might be happening.  Bill, we heard the Netherlands Boys Chorale warming their voices to “Ave Maria.” The feeling that came to me in 1976 returned when your chorale began the program.
Yes, Bill, your masterful touch returned this 80-year-old to Dover!
And, Bill, as you move on in His grace, to another spiritual activity, keep your keen sense of humor, your warm smile, your kind reception when complimented. But most of all, Bill, now and then walk into the open meadow and look our way and sing, Bill, sing to us!
Ric Mandes

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