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Let it rain; Thursday deluge results in flooding in low-lying areas
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Justin Moon, right, leaps across his flooded front lawn as his family watches on the front porch of their home on Sinkhole Road Friday. This week’s rains have caused several tributaries, Little Lotts Creek in the Moons' case, to swell. Moon said the water crested between 8 and 9 a.m. and that no water entered the house. He was relieved by the dropping water level, but remains cautious due to more rain expected on Sunday.
    Heavy rainfall Thursday caused creeks to rise and some low-lying areas to flood, but there was no damage reported and only one road was closed, said Bulloch County Public Safety Director Ted Wynn.
    Some homes on Sinkhole Road were surrounded by waters of an overflowing Little Lotts Creek, but the water level never reached the point of causing structural damage, he said.
    Homeowner Justin Moon and his family watched the creek waters recede Friday afternoon, and had a boat handy in the back yard in case it was needed.  However, the waters that flooded his and his grandmothers’ yards were steadily receding Friday afternoon as the sun shone.
    The danger of floods could return when storms predicted for Sunday arrive, Wynn said.
    Not far from the Moon residence, creek waters covered a bridge near the intersection of Burkhalter and Golf Club Roads. Ditches were filled and buzzards roosted nearby, watching the water flowing through the lowland woods, spilling over the banks of Little Lotts Creek.
    Wynn said most of the flooding was reported in the west side of Bulloch County, with a portion of W. D. Peacock Road closed Thursday. It reopened Friday afternoon, but travel was “rough,” he said. The portion of that road that was most affected by flood waters was the section between Clark Farm Road and Cedar Lawn Road, he said.
    Bulloch County Public safety received reports around  6:30 p.m. Thursday that a portion of Ponderosa Road near Ga. 25 was “ barely passable;” as was a portion of Old Moore Road between Pleasant Hill and Poplar Springs Church roads.
    About three miles of Moore Road between Rocky Ford Road and Ga. 25 were almost impassable around 10 p.m., according to reports given to Bulloch County Public Safety by Robbie Deal, said Bulloch County 911 Director Kelly Barnard.
    Deal, a Portal Volunteer firefighter and Bulloch County EMT,  told public safety officials a four-wheel drive “ barely got through” that portion of roadway and advised officials that school buses should not attempt to travel that road.
    Deal also reported a “ large amount of clay washed across” Westside Road at Pat Mock Road, causing a traffic hazard.
    Water was also reported over the roadway on Portal/Metter Highway, Barnard said.
    Wynn said citizens were fortunate that the flooding was not worse, but expressed concern about upcoming weather.
    “We didn’t have any damage,: he said. “It was so dry for so long the rain had plenty of places  to go.”
    According to the National Weather Service Charleston office, weather predictions for the Statesboro area Sunday include possible showers and thunderstorms after 2 a.m., with a 60 percent chance of rain. Weather experts predict precipitation between a tenth and a quarter of an inch, with possibilities of more from thunderstorms.
    The rainfall is expected to last through Monday, easing way in the afternoon, but bringing cooler temperatures with the cold front moving in.
    Holli Deal Bragg may be reached at 489-9414.  
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