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JonBenet Ramseys father: There will be a resolution
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    ATLANTA — Nearly 10 years after the death of child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey, her father says he still believes the case will be resolved.
    ‘‘I do believe there will be a resolution,’’ John Ramsey told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution while playing a round of golf with a reporter and photographer at East Lake Golf Club.
    John Ramsey found the little girl’s body in the basement of their Boulder, Colo., home on the day after Christmas 1996. His wife, Patsy, said at the time of JonBenet’s death that she found a ransom note on the back staircase demanding $118,000 for the safe return of JonBenet.
    ‘‘What really bugs me is the tag line that’s always under her picture that says ’child beauty queen,’’’ he said. ‘‘She was so much more than that. ...She was our spark plug. She was the energy in our family. She was 100 percent Patsy.’’
    Early in the investigation, Boulder police said that Patsy and John Ramsey were under an ‘‘umbrella of suspicion’’ in JonBenet’s death. The Ramseys said an intruder killed their daughter. A grand jury investigation in Boulder ended with no indictments, and no arrests have been made in the case.
    In 2003, U.S. District Judge Julie Carnes in Atlanta concluded that the evidence she reviewed suggested an intruder killed JonBenet. That opinion came with the judge’s decision to dismiss a libel and slander lawsuit against the Ramseys by a freelance journalist, who the Ramseys had named as a suspect in their daughter’s murder. The Boulder district attorney at the time said she agreed with Carnes’ declaration.
    Prior to JonBenet’s death, the family experienced tragedy — John Ramsey lost his daughter Beth in a 1992 car wreck.
    ‘‘You never really get over’’ a child’s death, he said. ‘‘But I thought that losing Beth was my burden, my battle scar, and that was all I’d have to go through.’’
    He said losing JonBenet was another kind of struggle, ‘‘because we had to fight.’’
    ‘‘It was different because there was another human being responsible and we were under siege,’’ he said. Patsy Ramsey died in June after a longtime battle with ovarian cancer.
    Besides golf, John Ramsey gets exercise fixing up his cottage in Michigan.
    ‘‘Every house I’ve had I’ve renovated. But you don’t want to do something too fast. You need to live in it for a while first,’’ he said. ‘‘I have to reinvent my life and I want to take my time doing it right now. I don’t want any more turmoil.’’
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