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Join us in ‘Discovering Bulloch’
Our unique home needs a unique magazine
Discovering Bulloch

I want to introduce you to a new publication — “Discovering Bulloch.”

Actually, it’s not that new. We started Discovering Bulloch in October 2018 and the fourth issue was just released. We made the decision to do what is often called a “soft launch” as we transitioned into a different direction and mission for our longtime Connect Statesboro publication.

Connect Statesboro was started in 2005 as an entertainment publication aimed almost exclusively at Georgia Southern students. Under the leadership of Jake Hallman and Courtney Caldwell, Connect found an enthusiastic audience at GSU that stayed strong for four years.

Three things happened, however, that affected not only Connect, but the entire newspaper industry — the Great Recession; the escalated rise of the Internet, particularly Facebook; and the advent of smartphones.

Connect, too, began evolving with the shifting media landscape, moving from a weekly to a biweekly publication to a glossy monthly magazine. The primary focus of Connect, however, remained on Georgia Southern, though more community-wide news was added through the years.

But, it became clear last year that Connect Statesboro had run its course as a viable publication. At the same time, we believed then and now that a magazine with a focus on the unique parts and people of our entire community was needed. And that belief has resulted in Discovering Bulloch.

Editor Angye Morrison, graphic artist and designer Hunter McCumber and marketing director Auna Philips have created a vibrant magazine that will highlight the personality and charm of our home in each issue. Also, it will give you information about entertainment events to help you plan ahead and feature the photography of award-winning journalist Scott Bryant.

And while you certainly will continue to read Georgia Southern-centered content, particularly on the arts and entertainment side, Discovering Bulloch will show off the broad character of the people, places and events that make up our community.

For instance, in the April/May issue now available at more than 150 locations around Statesboro and the county, the cover story allows readers to see the family side of Travis Kreun, who by day is the Statesboro PD’s SWAT team leader, but by night is a “hero at home.”

You can meet the author of the beloved “Pete the Cat” children’s book series, James Dean, who has just moved to Statesboro. Last year’s Statesboro Voice winner offers advice to this year’s finalists. Local actors and dancers relate how they got involved in local productions and encourage others to follow their stage dreams.

The above examples are just four of the stories you can read in the current issue, but there are plenty of columns, photos and a two-month calendar of events inside, as well.

Our website is live, but is still a bit of a work in progress in its design and presentation. Nonetheless, the website is rich with content.

Many of the stories that will end up in the pages of the magazine will come from you, our readers. All of you are the best sources we have for letting us know about the people that make our community so unique.

We hope you will continue to share your ideas with us and join us in our journey of Discovering Bulloch.

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