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Jan Moore

    The development and exportation of information technology has enabled our country to maintain its status as the world's richest and most powerful even as we remain dependent on foreign oil and manufacture relatively little compared to decades ago.

            Many experts have hypothesized that we are losing our grasp as the world's technology leader, and they might be right. But, as one era plays itself out, another "boom" is positioned to take its place. The future isn't bright, it's green, and those in the know are jumping on the bandwagon of companies developing and selling technology for a greener, earth-friendly lifestyle. 

            Case in point, two young local entrepreneurs have taken the steps necessary to become qualified installers of solar energy equipment and will begin actively selling and installing solar energy panels in the next week.

            Travis Lamb and Dan Horak have opened Simply Solar, a firm that not only deals in solar energy equipment, but actually provides advice to homeowners and business owners on a number of ways to reduce energy consumption.

            "I just feel the time is right for this type of technology to become mainstream," Horak said. "People are ready and willing to make a difference in their lives and in their environment. And it does make financial sense."

            Horak said many people do not realize that the energy produced from the solar panels is bought back by the consumer's electric company. Although she was unable to provide details when contacted, Lynn Wallace, a spokesperson for Georgia Power in Atlanta, confirmed that her company does have a solar buy back program in place.

            Horak said Georgia Power pays more for solar produced energy than the major power companies in the surrounding states. "Georgia Power has really stuck its neck out on this one and is really trying to encourage consumers to produce solar power. A consumer can offset two thirds of their electric bill or more by producing solar energy and selling it back to Georgia Power."

            Horak said he sold his brother-in-law Lamb on the concept, and they decided to open the company. Lamb owns Barefoot in the Grass Lawn Care and All Seasons Pruning Company as well.

            "I am very excited about the potential of Simply Solar," Lamb said. "My brother-in-law has been talking about solar energy for some time, and it just finally clicked for me. He is the expert."

            Horak is extremely passionate about alternative energy production. "This may sound like a lot to some, but 72 square miles of solar panels would produce enough energy to supply New York City in its entirety. It would meet the energy needs of over 12 million people."

            "There are so many ways to save and conserve energy, easy things that people can do," he said. "Just let us show you how." For those of you interested in solar power and energy conservation methods,  Horak can be reached at 690-4322.


            Until next week, I bid you au revoir.

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