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Millhouse Steak House taking Shell House site
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            Let’s get our minds off of dim, depressing economic news and talk about something this area loves – restaurants. Oh, come on, admit it. You all perk up when I talk about restaurants, so here goes.

            Many of you may have noticed the message recently posted on the Shell House marquis announcing that a new restaurant is on the way. The restaurant facility located on the Veterans Parkway has been sold, and the new owners have plans to open a Millhouse Steak House there.

            Tom Jones is the developer of the Millhouse concept and is very excited about his new Statesboro location.

            “We have a Millhouse in Brunswick and one in Jacksonville,” Jones said. “When I was approached about this location it was to put another concept in there, but once I looked at Statesboro and its demographics, I felt a Millhouse would be perfect.”

            Jones is a veteran of the restaurant business having spent a significant amount of time with the Ruby Tuesdays chain. Jones said it may come as a surprise to many, but the labor force generated in a university town is generally a very good one.

            “Normally in this industry, turnover is around 125 percent,” he said. “For us in Statesboro, that would equate to losing an employee a week. In college towns, the turnover tends to be about 25 percent, significantly less. The labor pool is incredible.”

            Jones expects to open the Statesboro Millhouse in about three months. “We haven’t set a firm opening date yet, but it looks as if we will be ready to open this summer. We are ordering equipment and new signage is on the way. Hopefully, we will be able to do that.”

            The Millhouse specializes in steaks, but has a number of menu items in each of the following categories: Tuscan Italian, seafood, spice, and stir fry. It is a very interesting menu which you can see if you go to their Web site.

            “Our Web site is currently under construction, but the menus have all been posted,” he said. “All of our prices and selections are listed. We have over 100 items to choose from. Our selections are very affordable.”

            I asked Jones to name his most popular menu item.

            “That would be the Millhouse Gorgonzola which is a sirloin steak topped with a butter gorgonzola sauce, served with a side of redskin mashed potatoes.”

            There you have it. We are talking restaurants, and all is well again. To see the Millhouse menu go to

            Until next week, I bid you au revoir.

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