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Latest Statesboro restaurant entry: Kbob Kellys
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    I know it seems like I write a lot about restaurants, and you are right, I do. But, there is a very good reason for that. My kind readers have made it abundantly clear to me that their favorite topic is a new restaurant opening or a new grocery store "coming to town."  
    In an attempt to keep giving you what you want, here is another new restaurant to be on the lookout for - Kbob Kelly's. Slated to open in the next four weeks across from Gnat's Landing on South Main Street,  Kbob Kelly's is creation of Brian Kelly, a recent graduate of the University of Georgia who has worked in the restaurant business for the last several years.
    "As long as I have been old enough to get a job, I have been employed in the restaurant industry," Kelly said. "When I graduated from Georgia, I knew I wanted to be in this industry. It was just a matter of determining exactly what I wanted to do."
    Kelly said he has worked in restaurants that serve the kbob sandwich and has seen them grow and do very well.
    "I know this is a great product," he said. "It was just a matter of finding the right place to open a restaurant. I have family and friends in the area, and Statesboro just looked like a great place to start a business."
    Kelly said the kbob is a European sandwich that consists of meat, freshly cut vegetables and a special sauce loaded on European flatbread.
    "The meat used to make a kbob may be beef, chicken or lamb, which roasts on a vertical spit until served," he said. "It is a sort of cousin to gyro, but the bread is different and other types of meat are available."
    Kelly is very proud of the Belgian French fries that he is going to serve with his sandwiches.
    "We soak the freshly cut potatoes for two hours using different soaking methods," he said. "Then we fry them once and then flash fry them again right before serving. For folks that love French fries, these are outstanding."
    Kelly doesn't stop there. If you want your fries covered with chili and cheese, you can have that. If you would like "Reuben" fries, you may have those. I'm not going to explain how the Reuben fries are prepared, you are just going to have to go and ask for yourself. However, I will say this, there is sauerkraut involved.
    It is always fun to interview a young entrepreneur with so much hope and energy, and in Mr. Kelly's case, impeccable manners. I wish him the best of luck.
    On a slightly different note, the rumor that a new grocery store is coming to Statesboro appears to be at a fevered pitch. I will do my best to find out what is going on and let you know.
    Until next week, I bid adieu.
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