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Latest, greatest grocery story is in Metter
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    True to my word, I am here today to report on grocery stores. Is a new grocery store coming to Statesboro? That is still an unconfirmed rumor. However, what is not rumor, and is fact, is a small, upscale food market has opened on Broad Street in downtown Metter - aptly named the Broad Street Market.
    Three young entrepreneurs - Sam Bradford, Matt Lane, and Brian Tootle - have taken it upon themselves to provide on alternative for grocery shopping in neighboring Candler County. "This building used to house the Thriftway Market," Tootle said. "It closed, leaving only one grocery store in town. We were able to buy the building, renovate it, and turn it into something that was unlike anything here or near here."
    From the second that you pull up to the market, the attention to detail is evident. From the large dark green awning with Broad Street Market in big, white letters to the friendly service as soon as you walk in the door, the Broad Street Market has that sort of high-end, "prioritized customer service" type of a feel.
    However, it truly is a market with produce, frozen food, pantry items, wine, and a pristine meat counter with Choice Angus beef. Talk with any one of the three and they will tell you about their beef, pork, and chicken, but especially their beef.
    "We wanted our store to have wonderful meat, but more than anything, we wanted wonderful beef at a very competitive price," Tootle said. "This Choice Angus beef is very high quality and just delicious. We have only been open a few days, and we already have a group of repeat customers."
    Tootle said he and his partners wanted to fashion their store after Fresh Market and Reid's Fine Foods, a Charlotte, NC based chain, but on a much, much smaller scale. "By looking at those stores and others, we were able to come up with our color scheme, lights, and displays. We wanted our store to be very nice, warm, and some place you really wanted to come to and shop. We feel like the atmosphere we have created is unique to this area."
    Bradford, a Georgia Southern alum and Bulloch County native, is serving as the general manager of the 3,400 square foot market. "It is all about creating a great environment where people want to go," Bradford said. "From the fun and pleasant music that we play to the way we display the produce, meat, and wine. We want people to enjoy shopping with us."
    So far, so good. When I was there, the customers were grinning from ear to ear.
    Tootle is a graduate of Augusta State University and is a CPA in Metter. Lane, a Georgia Southern graduate and Candler County native, works for the Bank of America in Charlotte, North Carolina.  
    Until next week, I bid adieu.
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