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Jan Moore: Youre invited to chat with me every Monday
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Jan Moore
    I believe there is a great divide in this country. I am not talking about liberal and conservative or any of those other hotbed groups of differing opinions and views. I am referring to those who learned to do everything before the technology boom, and those who grew up immersed in it.
    My age group is on the cusp - one foot in and one foot out. We love our email and how technology helps us in business. We love booking hotel rooms, airline tickets, and theater and amusement park tickets on line. And, we love shopping on line. However, I don't see any of my friends downloading TV shows to watch on their cell phones or using the web as a means to create a network of "friends" (i.e.
    So, when my editor, Jim Healy, approached me about having a weekly blog/chat time with readers interested in local business news, I got a little uncomfortable.  It seemed a little too "techie" for me.
    I told Mr. Healy that people see me around town all of the time, and we chat then. He just gave me this look of "come to the party or else." Well friends, I have come to the party. I am now immersed, both feet in.
    Let's chat, let's blog, let's talk business online. No business topic is "off of the table." I will be happy to share what I know, to the extent that I can, and hopefully you can give me some insight as well.
    From 4:30 to 5:30 on Monday afternoons, beginning today, I will be sitting in front of my computer waiting to visit with you.
    Here's how you can join the chat. Using your username and password, log in on the Community section of just as you always do. (If you haven't registered on the site, it's easy and it's free and you'll need to do so to interact with the Bulloch Biz Insider chat.)
    Then go to the blog part of the site and look for the Bulloch Biz Insider Monday Live post. Click on the post and you can ask questions or respond to comments by clicking on add comment and replying to the post. It's easy.
    We can talk restaurants, grocery stores, new developments or anything that’s on your mind. Get immersed, I dare you.
    Until tonight, I bid you au revoir.

    Got a scoop for Jan? Call her at (912) 489-9463 or e-mail her at

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