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Jan Moore: Entrepreneurial spirit gives me a workout
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Jan Moore
     I checked out one of Statesboro's newest entrepreneurial endeavors this past Saturday morning, and I have to say for them, it's all about results, not ambience.
      Located in the rear of Noel Burnsed's renovated building on East Main Street between Statesboro City Hall and Yard and Haus, Crossfit Statesboro is a lean, mean workout machine encouraging its clients to push themselves to a new level of fitness. A movement that is gaining ground across the country, Crossfit, at its core, consists of constantly varied yet highly functional movements performed at a high relative intensity.
      Founded this past August by Dan Czech, a GSU professor in the department of Health and Kinesiology, and two of his students Justin Lascek and Taylor Ray, Crossfit has no workout "machines", no treadmills, no televisions, and no air conditioning or heat. There is the basic equipment and area that you need to do calisthenics and intense basic exercise moves in conjunction with running and some weight work.
      It isn't glamorous or pretty, but it is effective and powered with the infection that only a twenty something can bring to the table. Don't get me wrong, I love my gym, and it will continue to be my very good friend, but every once and a while it feels good just to mix it up a little bit and reach for something different.
      Ray, a senior at Georgia Southern majoring in exercise science, led the beginner session that two friends and I attended. You have to get used to the rustic and raw feel of the place - it's hard core and somewhat reminiscent of the gyms of old - just the basics (I was waiting for Rocky to come around the corner, except there was no boxing ring).
      What I like is that it is so basic. There is no massive investment in facilities, and nothing to break. Ray was knowledgeable and anxious to explain the program. I think he would have stayed there all day and answered questions if we had wanted him to do so.
      With money being as tight as it is, that may be a formula that many entrepreneurs follow today - low overhead, low initial investment, and service, service, service, combined with a nice dose of enthusiasm.
      These guys will make you forget about economic adversity for at least an hour. That, I can promise. If you want to learn more about their program visit They have opened a second location in Claxton.

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