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Jan Moore Column - Mr. Omelette: Funny name, but great breakfast
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Jan Moore

            There is an old business adage that “goes” it is best to have a company name that reflects what the company does. I think that banks, health care providers, and hair salons do a very good job of that.

            I know it sounds like a funny combination of industries that I have just proposed, but you always know what they are and what they do when you see their name on a building or in print.

            I think that is why I was so intrigued when a newcomer entered our restaurant scene in January. No fancy or trendy name. No guessing on what type of food that it  serves. Simply, here is who we are, and we are Mr. Omelette.

Located in the shopping center at the corner of Northside Dr. and Lester Road (home to Big Lots and Ocean Galley), Mr. Omelette has quietly built a loyal following since opening merely eight weeks ago.

            Two of those loyal customers are our daughters, Cecilia and Ginny. Their grandparents took them to Mr. Omelette, and they have been devotees ever since. At first, I thought they were kidding. I mean it is named Mr. Omelette. I could just picture a dancing omelet out front.

            But then I began to hear from all demographics, “have you been to Mr. Omelette?” I decided to check it out. Mr. Omelette’s founder is Daniel Hong, a one time student of Georgia Southern and a restaurant entrepreneur.

            Owner of the Wing Café on Chandler Road adjacent to GSU’s campus, Hong honed his breakfast skills by working in an innovative breakfast restaurant in Savannah before opening Mr. Omelette.

            “I wanted to bring a similar breakfast restaurant to Statesboro,” Hong said. “We have the freshest ingredients with lots of vegetables. From fresh eggs to egg substitutes, we have it all. I felt like there would be a market for that kind of breakfast.”

            The restaurant itself is bright, cheery, and clean. The food that we had was very good and the service pleasant. I took the children on Sunday morning at 9:00 and there was a nice breakfast crowd assembled.

You know, Hong was right. We really don’t have a place like Mr. Omelette. Maybe Hong has found a niche. For the record, our children don’t even like omelets, but they love Mr. Omelette’s Belgian waffles. Mr. Omelette is open seven days a week and serves lunch as well. For now, it doesn’t look like they need a dancing omelet.

            Until next week, I bid you au revoir.


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