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Jan Moore Column: Granthams saw need in Statesboro and filled it
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Jan Moore

            So many times a business is born from frustration that turns to the recognition of opportunity. You look for a service or a product, and it is just isn’t available or convenient. At that point, the “light bulb turns on.”

            That is exactly what happened to Kim Grantham, the owner of A Contemporary Cupboard in Woodland Square on South Main Street.

            “When my husband and I built our home four years ago, there wasn’t anywhere in Statesboro that I could go to help me design our kitchen or bathrooms,” Grantham said. “I was looking for a real design studio, not just a showroom that gives some design services. I found out when we were building that was the type of service I needed.”

            Grantham said she knew she wanted to start a business, but hadn’t decided what it would be until this “need” presented itself. Now, two years after opening her own kitchen and bath design services company, Grantham has constructed a beautiful studio and received recognition for her work in the latest edition of a top, national design magazine called Signature Kitchen and Baths.

            “Being featured in this magazine was quite an honor,” Grantham said. “Designers submit their work in hopes of being recognized, but to actually see the finished product of one of your clients featured in the magazine is such a thrill.”

            Grantham is one of many entrepreneurs bringing metropolitan type services to Statesboro. It is a “leap-of-faith” of sorts, and a significant investment.

            “I have been planning this studio for two years,” Grantham said. “It was quite an undertaking, and I wanted it to be just right. It took ten months to finish, but our clients come first. As we could, we would devote time to the studio.”

            I have to say that Contemporary Cupboard is absolutely beautiful. You get a true sense of what your kitchen could look like as soon as you walk in the door. You literally feel as if you are in someone’s very nice kitchen.

            Grantham is quick to point out that kitchens such as these are a design “process” evolving over weeks and months.

            “I meet with my clients once a week until the project is completed,” she said. “We start with a rough idea of what they want in the kitchen and then begin to design it. I keep a detailed notebook of each project documenting changes and everything that has been done.”             Grantham follows the same process with bathroom design.

            For those of you who would like to see Grantham’s work, I have been told that Signature Kitchens and Baths can be purchased at Lowe’s and Barnes and Noble. The magazine retails for $14.99.

            Until next week, I bid you au revoir.


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