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Jan Moore column: Goodbirds flocks to the Boro
Good birds for web
Illustration of the new Goodbirds restaurant to open in Statesboro. - photo by Special

            I know it was a shock to many of you when the Krystal restaurant next to Wal-Mart closed. How could that be? Undaunted, the owner of the property, Jeff Hook, opened a new restaurant, Bo Hooks, in the "old" Krystal location. But, it didn't last. Thus, the question begs, how can such a prime piece of property remain empty?

            The answer is, it isn't. Look for construction to begin shortly on Goodbirds, a new "concept" quick serve restaurant being opened by Augusta residents, Chris Cunningham and Jefferson Murray.

            "Goodbirds is a double drive thru which will serve food comparable to the quality of Zaxby's with the fast speed service of a Chick-fil-A," Murray said. "The menu will feature premium hand breaded Chick-fil-A style sandwiches and hand breaded tenders served with quality home cut french fries."

            Murray said the location is a winner that speaks for itself.

            "The former Krystal at this location was always a high performing restaurant," he said. "And, the Wal-Mart is so busy that you can hardly shop there. Both Statesboro and the university are continuing to grow. It's just a great spot."

            Murray and Cunningham hope their first Goodbirds will lead to the development of a new franchise chain of restaurants.

            "Building on our years of experience, we are creating a brand to franchise

and grow," Murray said.  "Statesboro will be the launch pad for what will hopefully become an iconic brand of the future, Goodbirds!

            Cunningham has owned and operated multiple Wifesaver restaurants in Augusta for over 25 years. Murray has owned and operated multiple Krystal and Moe's Southwest Grill restaurants since 1993.

            The Goodbirds management team will be headed by David Waters, the manager of the Krystal that operated at that location. Its projected opening date is July 1.

            As for Krystal coming back to Statesboro, I think you can count on it. Look for details in the next week or two as to when and where the revered hamburger chain will resurface.

            Until next week, I bid you au revoir.

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