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Jan Moore column: Fruitation, healthier choices in the new year
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Jan Moore

            I have a new word for 2008 – Fruitation®, Don’t bother going to or an actual dictionary, because you won’t find it. It is a clever marketing ploy and registered trademark which caught my eye.

            As we know, “green” is the new “gold” in the business world. Eco-friendly products and services are nipping at the heels of technology as the new “gold rush” for entrepreneurs and investors.

            Not too far behind, in my estimation, is going to be the response to the nationwide obesity epidemic. With recent findings suggesting a decrease in life expectancy for the first time since the Civil War, it is clear that Americans, and the rest of the industrialized world, are on the verge of saying enough is enough.

            Even though the demand for healthier products to support a healthier lifestyle has surged dramatically, all indicators point to an explosion in this area. Thus, back to Fruitation®.

            You may have noticed the ads that have run recently in the Herald for Edible Arrangements which is scheduled to open at the end of this month in the Market District next to McAlister’s Deli. Fruitation® is the trademark of Edible Arrangements, putting a name to the company’s unique concept of fresh fruit bouquets and “fruit on the go” or simply put, a healthier way to eat.

            Responding to the expected demand for healthier options locally, Bulloch County native Shannon Akins, has great hope for her Edible Arrangements franchise.

            “Right now, we are both overwhelmed and excited,” Akins said. “This company has really done well in a short period of time. There is already one open in Savannah, and it is doing very well. I hope that we have the same success here.”

            Akins said build out of the 1,282 square foot store should begin on Wednesday.

            “We aren’t going to be a restaurant,” she said. “There will be a very small seating area of maybe two tables, but we are really considered a retail outlet.”

            Akins said there will be a variety of fruit options for customers to choose from.

            “From smoothies to fruit salads to fruit sundaes, we will have it,” she said. “Our centerpieces are our fruit arrangements. They are just beautiful and delicious.”

            Akins said the Market District location seemed perfect due to its proximity to Georgia Southern and East Georgia Regional.

            The Edible Arrangements® concept was launched in East Haven, CT in 1999. The company began franchising in 2001 and now has 798 stores nationwide. It is an amazing story that can be seen on the company’s website at It is worth going to the website just to see the “eye-popping” pictures of what Akins’ franchise will be producing.

            I say “Cheers!” to Akins for bringing us another healthy choice, and Happy New Year to you all.

            Until next week, I bid you au revoir.


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