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Highway 67 corner expected to get new hotel
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Jan Moore
    Go to the southwest corner of Highway 67 and the Statesboro Bypass and you will see an object of curiosity for many residents. Immaculately cleared and prepped, the six acre prime commercial real estate site is ready for construction, but no formal announcement has been made as to what is going to be built there.
    I have found out what the plans are for the property as it stands today. There are no plans to put a grocery store there or a retail shopping center. The ownership group of the property intends to build a hotel on the site.
    Spokesman for the group, Wendel Wilson, a certified public accountant with a private practice in Rincon, said the group has not finalized its agreement with the hotel chain it has been negotiating with, but, at this time it appears that an agreement will be signed and a three story hotel constructed.
    "My partners and I thought Statesboro was ready for a really nice hotel," Wilson said. "We looked around the area and felt this was the best piece of property for one."
    Wilson and his partners must be very convinced because the six acre parcel came with a hefty price tag - $2.4 million.    
    "We felt that this was a premier piece of property as it is near the hospital, the university, and has easy access to I-16," he said.
    Wilson said that once they have received final approval and everything has been signed, his group will announce the name and construction will begin on the 100 room facility.
    "It will be a very nice property, something that the residents of Statesboro can be proud of," Wilson said. "Builders tell us that it will take a year and a day to build. I don't know why they always tack that day on at the end, but they do."
    Wilson said the corner portion of the property at the intersection of the Bypass and Highway 67 will be an out parcel piece.
    "We have been approached by businesses interested in buying the out parcel portion, but we want to make sure something goes there that will compliment the hotel that we are building," he said. "We haven't found that match yet."
    Wilson said his partners are from Chatham, Effingham, and Bulloch Counties respectively.

Legal downloading
    A quick note regarding last week's column. Many people have asked for names of "legal" websites in which to download music. The following types of websites were cited by the Recording Industry Association of America as legal venues for downloading music: online music stores, subscription services, burning kiosks, and mobile music. No specific websites were named.
    Until next week, I bid adieu.

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