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Eats in the Boro are getting better all the time
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Jan Moore
    With the recent openings of Latte’ Da and the Midtown Coffeehouse, I would argue that the bar has been raised, and to the delight of many of my local brethen, there may be no turning back. Each of these restaurants is very nice and upscale with an attention to detail that is superb.
    Residents have responded with resounding support for each which tells me that we are more than ready for metropolitan styled restaurants and coffeehouses here in the ‘Boro.
    For Greg Todd and Gail Ansley, that is very good news as they are readying their new restaurant, the Statesboro Brews Coffeehouse and Piano Bar, to open the first week of December.
    Recently Todd and Ansley gave me a tour of their new venture on West Main Street. All that I can say is “wow.” From the beautifully restored wooden floors and exposed brick walls to the furnishings and baby grand piano, it is beautiful.
    Todd is overseeing the day-to-day operations of Statesboro Brews. Ansley serves as the creative force and spokesperson. On my tour, it was clear that no stone had been left unturned and nothing had been left to chance.
    Situated on two floors, the restaurant’s street level section has a beautiful coffee bar area with mahogany wood and dark leather chairs. On the second floor, home of the baby grand piano, there are upholstered chairs and granite top tables. There is even a small dining room that can be reserved for special occasions.
    Alas, you Romeo and Juliets, don’t forget the balconies. Whether you want to sit out front or in the back, there are chairs and tables on both. Ansley has also created a small terrace area behind the restaurant which has seating as well.
    It is beautifully done and in keeping with Statesboro’s recent restaurant revolution. Having said that, I want all of you “foodies” to get ready.
    New restaurants, Christopher’s and Chops on Main are schedule to open in the next two to four months. And yes, I will describe both of them to you when they are much closer to opening.
    On the eve this new restaurant era, I return to my original premise – the bar has been raised. What was that I just heard? I believe it was a collective “Thank Goodness.”
    Until next week, I bid adieu.

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