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Businesses migrating to the golden quadrant
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    For the immediate future, the majority of major commercial development in Bulloch County is going to occur in the area I like to call, the "golden" quadrant – GQ. I use the term quadrant because the area is roughly a fourth of the "pie" created by the Bypass if the Bypass were complete, and golden because right now, it is the most valuable real estate in town. The GQ encompasses land in the immediate vicinity of the Statesboro Bypass stretching from Highway 80 east to Highway 301 South.
    Major apartment developers have targeted the area with two complexes slated to open in the next few months. The combined capacity of the new complexes will total over 1300 students.
    In the development anchored by Franklin Toyota on the Bypass near Highway 80 East, the construction of a new, full service Holiday Inn is scheduled to begin this winter. Rumor has it that plans for another national brand hotel, to be located in the GQ,  is in the works as well.
    Even in light of what I have just written, some of you may not be sold on the golden quadrant just yet. However, the local business community appears to be.
    Bulloch County developer, Donald Nesmith, took me on a tour of his professional office development  in the Market District which is located on Brampton Avenue between Fair Road and the Bypass placing it clearly in the GQ. You may be surprised at the companies who have either relocated to Nesmith's office park or have placed a satellite office in it.
    Nesmith has completed and sold eight professional office buildings and has room to construct four more. Let's go down the list of companies that according to Nesmith have moved or are moving into his development. An asterisk is used to denote a satellite administrative office of a company whose main corporate offices are located in another part of Statesboro.
‰ Building One: Maxwell-Reddick and Associates
‰ Building Two: Coldwell Banker-Tanner Realty
‰ Building Three: Sea Island Bank*
‰ Building Four: RE/MAX Preferred Realty
EMC Engineering Services
Cardiology Associates of Savannah
Statesboro Neurosurgery, LLC
‰ Building Five: First Southern Bank*
Franklin, Taulbee, Rushing, Snipes and Marsh*
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
‰ Building Six:   Cotton States Insurance
Plantation Properties
‰ Building Seven:  Citizens Bank (Loan Production)
Premier Management Properties
67 Styles
‰ Building Eight:   Home Builders Association of Statesboro

    Also, there is another professional office development in the Market District behind East Georgia Regional that is quickly filling up. It contains mostly physicians, but Prudential Kennedy Realty is there as well.
    So, in the GQ, we have ongoing multi family (apartments), hotel, and professional development. What's next? Major commercial/retail development, one might guess. All that I can say is, if I were a betting woman, I'd bet the house on it.
    Until next week, I bid adieu.

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