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Bulloch's pets get their own regional hospital
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Veterinarian Billy Nessmith puts a pet in a car in the Herald file photo from 2007. Nessmith and Dr. Buddy Morgan are ready to open the Statesboro Animal Regional Hospital on Highway 80 East. - photo by Herald File

            Bulloch County now has two regional hospitals – one for people and one for animals. The Bulloch Veterinary Clinic and Statesboro Animal Hospital P.C. have merged, and a new facility constructed on Highway 80 East.

            Opening their doors today as the Statesboro Bulloch Regional Veterinary Hospital P.C., three local veterinarians, Buddy Morgan, Billy Nessmith, and Ben Nessmith have combined their respective practices in an effort to create a regional veterinary hospital unequaled in this part of the state.

            "As far as we know, there isn't a private facility exactly like this one in southeast Georgia," Morgan said. "There is something very similar in Augusta, but it isn't quite this large."

            Morgan and Nessmith said this is a dream that was hatched some six or seven years ago.

            "Dr. Buddy and I have been talking about building this hospital for several years," Billy Nessmith said. "We wanted it to be just right. We went around and looked at other facilities and ended up hiring an architect that has designed over 60 veterinary clinics. We are so pleased, and think our clients will be as well."

            Kid yourself not, this is truly a hospital. The 11,000 square foot facility is designed with the clinic in front, and hospital area in the back. With ten regular exam rooms, two operating rooms, a triage area, emergency exam rooms, a dedicated pharmacy, and an intensive care unit, the new hospital is ready to provide treatment for animals whose needs are better met in a facility of this nature.

            "For years, we have had to refer our patients to Athens or Jacksonville for treatment that we were unable to provide including some ophthalmology needs, certain orthopedic surgeries and the like," Morgan said. "Now, we have the facilities to bring in board certified specialists in these areas that can treat the animals right here."

            The hospital will have six staff veterinarians - Buddy Morgan, Billy Nessmith, Ben Nessmith, Jay Hendley, Betsy Hendley, and Jessica Hood. For you horse lovers in the area, Hood will be focusing on the treatment of large animals concentrating in equine medicine.

            The veterinarians envision the hospital becoming a 24-hour facility treating emergencies at any time of the day or night. "We aren't prepared to be open around-the-clock yet, but we hope to be within the next two to three years," Morgan said.

            It really is hard to adequately describe this amazing facility. From the beautiful design which lets in a tremendous amount of natural lighting to the state-of-the-art operating rooms, Billy Nessmith probably summed it up the best when he said, "Some people may call this a leap of faith; we like to think of it as a jump into the future."

And indeed, it is. Congratulations.

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