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Its really cold!
Temps to be 15-20 degrees lower than normal
Brian Kelly, owner of KBOB Kelly's restaurant, hopes to entice some customers by lighting a couple of fire pits Monday as temperatures hover in the low 40s. It was the last time patrons will be able to warm themselves by the fire as Kelly was informed by the City of Statesboro that the pits violate open burn regulations.
    It would be a good idea to keep extra blankets handy because weather experts say the cold snap nipping at our noses in the South Georgia region won't go away any time soon.
    Savannah meteorologist Patrick Prokop predicts at least another week of abnormally low temperatures, and says snow is even slightly possible for Thursday or Friday, although it won't "stick."
    Prokop posted on the social networking Web site Facebook that late Thursday night and Friday morning may bring "a cold rain mixed with sleet or snow. No snow accumulation ..."
    Bulloch County Public Safety Director Ted Wynn warns drivers to be cautious should it get nasty later this week. Bridges ice over before roadways, and if it does rain Thursday or Friday, low temperatures could cause roads to become icy and dangerous.
    If this happens, "Don't be on the road unless you have to," he said.
    National Weather Service meteorologist Julie Packett, speaking from the Charleston NWS office, said the unusually low temperatures are due to systems of arctic air coming into the region. At this time, it's still questionable whether there will be any snow, sleet or rain Thursday and Friday, as predictions are around 30 percent chance of any precipitation for the area. Most likely, if there is any precipitation, it will " be a mix," she said.
    The low temperatures for such a prolonged period of time is an unusual situation for the area, Wynn said. "It's going to be 15 or 20 degrees colder than normal, for the lows and the highs, over the next seven to 10 days."
    Wynn is concerned about driver safety if roads do ice over, and is also mindful of increased heater use, which could result in fires. He warns citizens to be extra careful with heat sources, making sure they are not left unattended, and are kept away from flammables such as bedding and furniture.
    He also reminds citizens to give extra attention to pets and make sure they have adequate shelter; and suggests people " drip" their pipes to ensure they do not freeze.
    The cold weather has caused a little trouble for vehicles too, said Auto Zone manager James Rooker.  Batteries and antifreeze are the two main purchases customers make when weather dips into the lower temperatures.
    "We see an increase in battery and antifreeze sales every year this time," he said. People have been coming in this week needing new batteries because cold weather affects a battery's power, and lower temperatures means people need antifreeze, he said.
    Rooker also said cold temperatures will affect tire pressure, and can even cause tires to be flat if air pressure is not checked.
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