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Irma takes down massive oaks
No injuries as neighbor trees toppled
W 091117 IRMA 03
A home on Henry Street suffered major damage after a tree fell on it due to the effects of Irma Monday. Bulloch County officials want to remind people that the storm may have weakened trees and may still be susceptible to falling.
Watch a video of an interview with David Bradshaw and footage of the two massive trees here. David Bradshaw and his mother had just moved from — of all places — Miami, Florida, to Statesboro three days before he heard a massive old oak tree crash onto a neighbor’s house early Monday morning during the passing of Hurricane Irma. Around midday or early afternoon, Bradshaw saw a smaller, but still tall and imposing, second oak tumble into the yard of the house he and his mother had just moved into, striking it near an edge of a roof.
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