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Restaurant Inspections
Restaurant Inspections
Restaurant Inspections

The following are among the food service establishments inspected in July by the Bulloch County Health Department. The department scores on a 100-percentile scale. Kitchens are inspected at least every four months and are required to post their score sheets in public. The score and selected comments from health inspectors are included in each report. All eating establishments are located in Statesboro, except where noted. To view all restaurant scores, visit and select Bulloch County.

July 11

➤ McDonald's, 611 Northside Drive  

▲ Score: 93

Observed build-up of debris on the blade of the can opener. Corrected on-site; can opener was taken to dish sink to be cleaned and sanitized. Observed food handler without proper hair restraint on and employee with beard longer than 1/2 inch.  Corrected on-site; proper hair restraint was put on. Observed food handlers with rubber bracelets on and a food handler with a ring with a stone. Inspector: Karen Anderson.

➤ Rebecca's Cafe, 400 Donnie Simmons Way  

▲ Score: 96

Observed hand-washing sink without soap. Inspector: Laura Moore.

➤ Soyumi, 727 Buckhead Drive  

▲ Score: 90

Observed container of chips stored uncovered on the counter. Corrected on-site; the chips were covered. Observed fish thawing in a bowl of water on the counter by the prep sink. Corrected on-site; fish taken out of the bowl of water and placed in the reach-in cooler. Observed light showing underneath the seal at the back door and the back door was cracked open during a portion of the inspection. Inspector: Anderson.

➤ Subway #28916, 400 Parker Avenue Suite 200, Brooklet  

▲ Score: 95

Observed organic matter build-up in soda fountain nozzles. Observed food debris in microwave. Inspector: Moore.

➤ The Daily Grind, 124 Savannah Avenue Suite 1E  

▲ Score: 96

Observed expired milk (7/10) in the refrigerator by the 3-compartment sink. Corrected on-site; milk was discarded. Observed sugar out of its original container unlabeled. Observed small single-use cup with lids not in plastic sleeves. Inspector: Anderson.

July 12

➤ Chick-fil-A of Statesboro, 703 Northside Drive East  

▲ Score: 100

Inspector: Rebecca Clifton.

➤ Hampton Inn Statesboro, 350 Brampton Avenue  

▲ Score: 100

Inspector: Moore.

➤ Heavenly Ham, 607 Brannen Street  

▲ Score: 99

Debris accumulation in corners of ice machine room and under shelves in walk-in cooler. Inspector: Clifton.

➤ McDonald's, 810 Arch Way

▲ Score: 91

Observed scrambled egg omelet mix and cheese past discard dates. Observed food prep worker not wearing proper hair restraint. Observed cook not washing hands in between glove changes. Observed a cracked egg in the bottom of reach-in cooler. Inspector: Moore.

➤ Son's Doner Kebab, 17 College Plaza  

▲ Score: 94

Observed prepped vegetables in walk-in cooler without proper date-marking. Observed dish washer drying food storage container with napkin. Observed vegetables in walk-in cooler stored in plastic bags. Observed cups stored on counter without plastic protective sleeve. Observed food prep worker not changing gloves in between tasks. Observed personal items stored on shelves with ready-to-eat foods in walk-in cooler. Inspector: Moore.

— compiled by Rheneta A. Washington Ward

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