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Inside Bulloch Business with DeWayne Grice - Cheeky Bliss expanding
Statesboro Mall store grows; new store opens in Alabama
Tiffany Deal Cheeky Bliss Web
Tiffany Deal has recently completed a move to her new 5,000-square-foot location in the Statesboro Mall. The new location gives her customers direct access to her store from the front parking lot. - photo by DeWAYNE GRICE/Staff

             Statesboro Mall's newest store Cheeky Bliss isn't actually new to the mall but has moved to a new location.
        Cheeky Bliss began as simply "Cheeky" by local entrepreneur Tiffany Deal in the Talbot's shopping center in 2011. Tiffany grew up in a family full of entrepreneurs and at a young age took her love and talent with horses to begin teaching horseback riding lessons. At 21, she obtained her real estate license and always has had a knack for following her entrepreneurial spirit. It was this spirit that allowed her to see a need for a store in Statesboro that focused on lady's intimate wear.
        "Every lady I knew was having trouble finding bra's that fit her perfectly," Deal said. "The mass retailers may only carry 10 to 15 sizes. We opened a store that carried over 50 sizes. With this selection in stock, and a staff trained to help lady's make the perfect selection, Cheeky became a local hit."
        Tiffany opened the 800-square-foot store with only $10,000 in savings. In her first year of operation, she outgrew that location and decided to move to a 2,200-square-foot store in the Statesboro Mall.
        "I learned very early in life if you listen to your customers they will define their needs," she said. "All you have to do if figure out how to fulfill those and everything else will fall into place. It helps also to surround yourself with talented, highly motivated, creative people. My team inspires me and pushes me to be better and do more."
        Listen she did and that has driven her expansions.
        First to swimwear, then to makeup and shoes. Moving to the mall was a logical next step for her business.
        "It was a big step for me," Deal said. "I had done the research and felt my most loyal clients would follow me across town. Lots of folks like to joke about our ‘s-mall' but what I have discovered here is a thriving place with business owners and managers who complement each other and who want everyone to be successful. After moving to the mall, I saw another need for women's apparel so we added those lines also."
        Pleased with her growth after moving to the mall, Tiffany began looking for other opportunities to expand. Her next opportunity was in a mall in Auburn, Ala., which is owned by the same owners of the Statesboro Mall. The demographics were similar since it is a college town, too. She opened her second Cheeky store there in 2015.
        This year, she returned her focus back to the Statesboro Mall store and has recently completed a move to her new 5,000-square-foot location. The new location gives her customers direct access to her store from the front parking lot. With this expansion, she has rebranded her stores to "Cheeky Bliss" which represents the evolution of the business.
        With the additional space Tiffany and her team reached out to local artists and are now consigning original pieces of work from dream catchers to furniture. The effort allows them to help support local artists and offer unique, one of a kind, products to their customers, as well.
        Even though intimates and professional bra fittings continue to be a large part of their operation, the overall feel of the store is bohemian. When you enter the store from inside the mall or from the front parking lot you will assume it is another chain store. The décor is beautiful, the selection of products is impressive and staff are all very friendly, knowledgeable and professional.
        "We love to help women find things that make them feel beautiful, regardless of their size or age," Deal said. "The new Cheeky Bliss location offers an expanded plus size section, an expanded footwear selection, several homegood lines and now a larger men's section for all our guys who are patiently waiting for their lovely girls in the dressing rooms."
        Watch for Cheeky Bliss's fifth anniversary and grand opening celebrations set for Aug. 20. To learn more about Cheeky Bliss, visit their website at, follow them on Facebook or Instagram or call (912) 871-4466.

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