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Inside Bulloch Business - A look at building projects in Statesboro
Cleared site
The cleared site next to J.C. Lewis Ford, shown above. could be home to another car dealership and a building supply company.

From the looks of construction values permitted in the city, the trends are very positive.  Looking back for the last three fiscal years (July 1 – June 30), the City of Statesboro continues to see tremendous growth on the residential side and recovering growth in the commercial sectors.

For fiscal year 2017 residential construction was $5.1 million.  In 2018, it was $7.8 million and then exploded in 2019 to $14.6 million. Condominium and residential construction at Bonnie Lane, Cobble Stone, Whispering Pines, Village at Mill and Bethany Way all contributed to this substantial growth. 

Looking at permits on the books already for FY 2020, we can expect this trend to continue for some time.

The residential sites I am asked about the most are just off S & S Railroad walking trail near the new Cross Fit. This will be Windward South subdivision  They have been permitted initially for 19 home sites, which will be duplex and triplex construction.  The second one is Hartford subdivision off Packing House road. This site is permitted for 150 single-family homes.

On the commercial side, we saw a dip from the peak in fiscal year 2017 of $25.3 million to $21.5 million in 2018. Then last year the commercial growth increased to $24.2 million.

Project next to J.C. Lewis

Two of the largest commercial projects that I am often asked about are both on the bypass on the east and west side of Highway 301. 

There has been a good bit of dirt movement just past J.C. Lewis Ford. Developers have installed curb cuts and deceleration and turn lanes off the bypass into this site. The front end of the site is zoned for a car dealership and building supply company. 

We are being told that both the potential car dealership and possible building supply company are established Statesboro businesses that are looking to build and relocate to modern facilities.  Just down the road, construction should begin soon on the installation of a red light at the intersection of Cypress Lake Road and the bypass. This is a much requested and needed red light.

Across 301, at the corner of Old Register Road and the Bypass, there is construction of a TAD funded access road, widening of Old Register Road and at some point the installation of a red light at the bypass and Old Register Road.  

Also, there will be construction of a deceleration turn lane and access road into the site from the bypass between Old Register Road and Akins Boulevard. 

Eventually the hope is that the Akins Boulevard construction will be extended across the bypass linking the main campus of Georgia Southern with South Campus. Once this extension of Akins is complete, it will connect with the new access road.   

There are plans to build a shopping center where Publix will be the anchor and adjacent to a stadium for Tormenta soccer and other events. No building permits have been issued for the shopping center, Publix or the stadium at this time.  Hopefully, once the access road is complete, we will see those exciting projects move forward.

Down Highway 301 South just past the interstate grading work continues in the Gateway Industrial Park site at the corner facing I-16. The deceleration and turn lanes have been completed and the entrance road into this site. The site work is for a proposed retail business that is interested in coming to that location. It is not a new industry.

Moving back up 301, just inside the bypass past Flash Foods where the old Dive Shop building is located, permitting has been completed to build another O’Reilly Auto Parts on that site.

Benton Metal Depot has acquired the former Robbins Packing Company site at the corner of Stockyard Road and Miller Street extension.  They plan to relocate their business on that site once construction is complete of a new 50,000 square foot warehouse and offices.

Next week we will look at the movement in the restaurant industry in the Boro.

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