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Food service inspections - April-May
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    The following are among the food service establishments inspected in April and May by the Bulloch County Health Department. The department scores on a 100-percentile scale. Kitchens are inspected at least every four months and are required to post their score sheets in public. The score and selected comments from health inspectors are included in each report. All eating establishments are located in Statesboro, except where noted. To view all restaurant scores, visit
April 5
Huddle House, 216 Lanier Drive  Score: 7
    Hand sink used for cooling food — inaccessible. Must have sanitizer solution in containers that are used for utensils and cloths storage. Ham, cut mushrooms and other items at 58-61 degrees F in line unit; thrown out. Thermometer calibrated. Keep wiping cloths stored in sanitizer between uses. Protect single-use items — cups and tops. Handle broken on ice scoop. Clean inside of microwave. Fix floor in walk-in cooler. Light shields needed in walk-in cooler and freezer. Inspector: Jud Street.
April 9
Huddle House, 216 Lanier Drive  Score: 93 (Reinspection)

    Store eggs below other items in cooler. Discard any damaged utensils. Fix floor in walk-in cooler and clean floors where needed. Light shields needed in cooler and freezer. Inspector: Street.
April 6
Southeast Bulloch Middle School, 9124 Brooklet-Denmark Highway, Brooklet  Score: 96

    Keep wiping cloths in sanitizer between uses. Clean underside of mixer. Inspector: Street.
April 7
Heavenly Ham, 607 Brannen Street  Score: 95

    Label bulk container — spices. Protect single-use coffee filters and tops. Need test strips for quatinary ammonia sanitizer. Inspector: Street.
April 8
Forest Heights Country Club, 3772 Country Club Road  Score: 90

    Temperature in line unit at 48 degrees F — eggs. Need test strips for ammonia. Inspector: Street.
April 9
Portal Elementary School, 328 Grady Street, Portal  Score: 95

    All leftovers/foods prepared and stored in walk-in need discard dates. Fix leak on condensation pipe in walk-in cooler. Inspector: Street.
Portal High School, 27245 Highway 80 West  Score: 94
    Label products out of original container. Live roach present in dry storage. Inspector: Street.
April 12
William James Middle School, 18201 Highway 80 West  Score: 92

    Clean inside ice machine — mold present. No sanitizer found in cloth buckets and 3-compartment sink. Keep wiping cloths in proper sanitizing solution. Utensils should be stored such that only handles are touched. Inspector: Street.
Willow Pond Assisted Living, 4344 Country Club Road  Score: 91
    Clean inside of ice machine and juice dispenser nozzles. Dented can of salmon. Inspector: Street.
April 14
Ogeechee River Coffee House, 1100G Brampton Avenue  Score: 83

    Single-use cups and tops in cabinets not protected. Clean floors. Eggs stored over ready-to-eat foods. Out-of-date milk and dry milk. Do not store pots on floor. Unlabeled chemical bottle observed. Inspector: Street.
April 20
Gentilly Gardens of Statesboro, 625 Gentilly Road  Score: 95

    Ensure leftover foods in cooler has discard dates seven days after opening or preparing. Clean spray rinse nozzle where water is discharged. Inspector: Street.
April 22
Willie's Fast Food Restaurant, 139 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard  Score: 96

    Clean out utensil holder. Need test strips for quatinary ammonia sanitizer. Fix counter top. Inspector: Street.
May 11
Applebee's, 804 U.S. Highway 80 East  Score: 91

    Unwrapped cheese and potatoes in walk-in cooler; corrected on-site. Label food containers at grill and dry storage. Clean glasses, cups, utensils, pots and pans not stored inverted or in a protected manner; corrected on-site. Clean trays under condiments in dry storage; corrected on-site. Inspector: Misty McKanna.
Starbuck's Coffee Company #13435, 714 Northside Drive East  Score: 98
    Clean cooler bottoms. Clean floors in walk-in cooler. Clean floors around mop sink. Inspector: Marlin Thomas.
Coconut Thai Cuisine, 7 College Plaza  Score: 90
    Clean ice machine. All cooks must restrain hair. No hand/arm jewelry allowed aside from plain wedding band. Keep dirty cloths in sanitizing solution. Post inspection within 15 feet from front door. Paint or seal raw wood. Inspector: Brad Wiggins.
May 13
Subway #28757, 1550 Chandler Road, Suite A  Score: 99

    Observed single-service articles handled, displayed or dispensed in a manner that allows for contamination. Wonderful job. Inspector: McKanna.
May 18
Tokyo Japanese Restaurant, 100 Brampton Avenue, Suite 1A  Score: 84

    Cover all food items when not in use. Cover all breading, flour, spices and other seasonings when not in use. Label all food containers. Store eggs and raw meat below other food items in coolers. All dirty cloths must be stored in sanitizing solution or dirty cloth storage when not in use. Store all utensils, silverware and other items handle-up. Replace or resurface cutting board — deeply grooved. Freezer bottom rusty; needs repainting. Shield lights in grill area. Rid kitchen of flies. Inspector: Thomas.
May 20
Tokyo Japanese Restaurant, 100 Brampton Avenue, Suite 1A  Score: 91 (Reinspection)

    Get consumer advisory on menu. Clean fan in men's bathroom. Rid kitchen of flies. Inspector: Thomas.
May 24
China One
, 400 Parker Avenue, Suite 400, Brooklet  Score: 92
    Label all cleaner bottles; corrected on-site.  Delivered product not stored correctly. Store utensils in properly-cleaned containers. Very clean. Inspector: McKanna.
— compiled by Rheneta A. Washington Ward

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