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Honest man returns lost bank bag containing hundreds in cash
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Stilson resident Jim Williams, left, returned a bank bag full of cash that Bill Nash, a Statesboro Herald carrier, left on top of his car. Williams refused an offer of a reward from Nash, but was given a subscription to the Statesboro Herald for his honesty. - photo by HOLLI DEAL BRAGG/staff
    One man's honesty made another man's day Tuesday when Jim Williams returned something Bill Nash lost.
    Nash, a Statesboro Herald carrier, left his house in Leefield Tuesday morning and completely forgot the box on top of his car. Inside the box were invoices for his day's work - and a bank bag filled with "about $300-$400" cash from the previous day's collections.
    Nash collects money for newspapers sold inside convenience stores on his route.
    "I sat it on top of the car and forgot all about it," he said Tuesday. "I pulled on out and kept on going."
    Stilson resident Jim Williams usually goes through Leefield on his way to Brooklet, and Tuesday morning he passed the box Nash had lost.
    "It was laying in the middle of the road in that box," he said of the cash-filled bank bag. "I passed it and almost didn't turn around."
    But he did turn around after realizing the box contained something heavy "and didn't blow around," he said.
    Seeing the invoices, he took a look inside the bank bag and saw a $50 bill.
    "When I saw that and the invoices, I knew that had to be (paper) route money," he said.
    Nash called Statesboro Herald Circulation Manager Darrell Elliot    to report the loss, but Elliot had good news.
    "He said somebody called who found a money bag," he said. "My stomach was just shaking."
    If a less than honest person had found the money, Nash might have suffered the loss. But even though Williams was "just on my way to mail my taxes," he didn't think about keeping the money.
    "I had to pay several hundred dollars taxes," he said. "That money sure would have been nice."
    Nash tried to offer him a reward, but Williams refused. Elliot gave him a subscription to the Statesboro Herald.
    "The Lord was looking out for me today," Nash said.
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