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Hoe -n- Hope Garden Club plants tree in honor of 50th anniversary
Garden Club group
Hoe -n- Hope Garden Club stand around the tree planted in honor of their 50th anniversary - photo by ARAINA REAVES/Staff
Alongside the pond at Edgewood Acres park Thursday morning, a beautiful tree was planted by Hoe -n- Hope Garden Club to commemorate its 50th anniversary.
    Hoe -n- Hope Garden Club was founded in 1956 when Shuford Wall submitted the name and a group of ladies met together and formed the initial club.  The club still contains four of its original members, two of which were in attendance of the tree dedication. Martha Redding and Frances Curry stood proudly beside the tree and spoke easily about the original club. Faye Lanier and Sue Lane were unable to attend.
    "We had between 20 and 25 members originally," said Martha Redding. "Our big project was selling Dogwood trees to raise money for various needs."
    The original sign used by the club when selling Dogwood trees can be found at RJ's Restaurant. Hoe -n- Hope still plants many Dogwood trees around Statesboro.
    Frances Curry commented, "We are still the same club as we always have been, but younger members are taking over."
    Through the years, Hoe -n- Hope Garden Club has shared many friendships and experiences, but it has also seen its fair share of changes.  According to club member Sue Smith, the club now stands for the "beautification and preservation of our homes and our community" by using flowers, shrubs, and trees. The club also aids the education of landscaping students by offering scholarships.
    To beautify homes and the community with flowers has always been the goal of the club, but today, the club encourages other people to do the same.
    Club president, Rozlin Jones, and club member, Carol Cobb, planned the special tree ceremony to honor their club. Carol Cobb stated that the club “was formed for the purpose of learning to beautify our homes and our community with flowers and trees.”
    Hoe -n- Hope Garden Club is made up of 25 members who are dedicated to doing just that.
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