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His Majestys Daughters
Non-denominational fellowship to mark first year
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The December meeting of His Majesty’s Daughters, a non-denominational women’s fellowship, will be a special gathering to remember and celebrate what Jesus has done through the ministry during the past year. In existence only since January, the unity and formation of the group has spanned many years of friendship and faith.

The group meets on the second Saturday of each month, from 9:15 to 11:30 a.m., inside the Honey Bowen Building at 1 Max Lockwood Drive for a time of praise, fellowship, worship through music, shared testimonies through guest speakers and refreshments. The December meeting is set for the ninth.

Co-founder of the group, Betty O’Berry said, “My friend of more than 30 years, Dorothy Donaldson, and I often reminisce about the awesome time God used us back in the 1980s to minister to women.

“We were blessed to see marriages restored, relationships mended, financial breakthroughs, healings and saw spiritual growth as these women were taught through testimonies and counseling from the Word of God what a mighty God we serve.”

Remembering those special times of serving God, the two women had a strong desire to be used in a similar fashion again and often prayed about that desire.

“Nothing happened,” said O’Berry, “so I became resigned to the fact that I was too old. I thought I would just coast until Jesus called me home.”

About six months after one of those prayers, however, O’Berry felt a clear leading from God to begin a new ministry with Donaldson as co-founder, and eventually the women named the group, “His Majesty’s Daughters.”

“My husband Gary encouraged me and his belief in me was a confirmation of the scripture that resounded in my mind, ‘I have called you for such a time as this,’” O’Berry said, paraphrasing from Esther 4:14.

“I knew that what God had done for me in the past had prepared me for the work He was now calling me to do. I’ve reached the point in my walk with the Lord where I believe since He is calling me, He will equip me, reminding me of the verse in Philippians, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’”

With those thoughts in mind, O’Berry and Donaldson gathered other women they’d been friends with for more than three decades to serve with them and sought local pastors to serve as advisors and began meeting in January 2017.

With a tagline of “unity-love-acceptance-fellowship-prayer,” His Majesty’s Daughters stated purpose is as follows: “We are a non-denominational fellowship ministering to women from every social, economic and ethnic background, helping them come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ not only for salvation but as a solution for all their problems through testimonies, prayers and counseling from the Word of God.”

Guests speaking in 2017 shared testimonies of recovery from years of addiction, healing from what doctors initially diagnosed as a brain tumor, a salvaged marriage that led to a path of prison ministry, a realization of being loved by God after years of feeling unloved during her time in an orphanage and other powerful messages of lives changed by a saving faith in God.

O’Berry encourages anyone interested in His Majesty’s Daughters to attend the time of celebration at the December 9 meeting at 9:15 a.m., and husbands and guests are encouraged to join in the festivities as well.  


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