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Herald to celebrate 75th year of its founding
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We’re getting ready to celebrate and we want all of Bulloch County to join us! 
2012 marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the daily Statesboro Herald in its first form as the weekly Bulloch Herald. There will be several special events during the year to mark the milestone, Herald publisher Randy Morton said. 
“One of the projects I’m most excited about is a special hard-back pictorial book we’re putting together for release in November,” Morton said. “It will be called “Statesboro Through Our Eyes” and we need the help of all our readers to make it truly special. 
“This book will be a real collector’s item for coffee-tables and gift-giving,” Morton said. “It’ll have lots of photos as well as historical front pages from the Herald (and earlier local newspapers) over the years. There will be hundreds of stunning historic images – famous and infamous – and memories of Statesboro and Bulloch County.”
“In cooperation with the Bulloch County Historical Society and their members, this book will also have photos going back to Statesboro and Bulloch’s earliest beginnings,” said Joe McGlamery, president of the Statesboro Herald. “We’re very privileged and thankful to work with them and their large collection of really stunning historical photos. Some people in these photos have not been identified so we’ll print some in the paper so maybe our readers can help identify just who is being pictured.”
The Statesboro Herald also will hold special sessions where readers can bring in historical photos that may be printed in the book. 
“We’re happy to give our readers the opportunity to participate in this unique project,” said executive editor Jim Healy. “Check the paper and online for dates and times when you can bring in your personal photos. This is a great chance for everyone to participate in being part of our local history. It’s quite an involved project and we’re expecting a large turnout."
More events like special tours, receptions and multimedia historical reviews would be announced soon, Morton said.

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