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Herald offices closed Monday
No paper will be printed for Tuesday

Due to the anticipated dangerous conditions that Hurricane Irma is expected to create, the offices of the Statesboro Herald will be closed Monday and no paper will be printed for Tuesday.


“The safety of our employees is our priority,” Operations Manager Jim Healy said. “As Irma continues on its path towards Georgia, conditions will deteriorate Monday, so we  made the decision to allow our employees to stay in their homes or evacuate.


“It is not a decision we made lightly, but considering the damage Matthew did almost a year ago and with Irma forecast to be potentially stronger, we need to ensure or employees are not placed in any unnecessarily dangerous situations.”


All subscribers will be credited for Tuesday’s Statesboro Herald print edition and online.


“As conditions allow, our website,, will be updated with local reports,” Healy said. “We will have full coverage of Irma in Wednesday’s Statesboro Herald.”

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