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Help 'Stamp Out Hunger' Saturday by placing food beside your mailbox
NACL poster
    Join others across the nation Saturday in helping "Stamp Out Hunger" by placing nonperishable foods in a bag or box beside your mail box Saturday.
    Mail carriers across the country will pick up donated food items and deliver them to local food banks, said Curtis Gay, National Alliance of Letter Carriers food drive coordinator for Bulloch County.
    Last year, more than 70 million pounds of food were collected nationwide through the "largest food drive in the nation," he said.
    Local mail carriers have been participating in the NALC food drive for 16 years, Gay said. Last year, the effort resulted in "about 12,000 items being collected in Bulloch County and taken to the Statesboro Food Bank."
    For those who would rather drop the food off elsewhere or who may have a post office box instead of a mail box, a drop-off point is located at the Statesboro Mall, he said.
    "Please place nonperishable items in a bag at your mail box or the drop off point," he said. "All donations will be used locally to restock the food bank."
    The effort isn't just for municipal mail carriers - rural carriers support the effort as well and will pick up donations at mail boxes out in the county, he said.
    "We couldn't do it without them," Gay said of rural carriers and the Rural Letter Carriers Association. "They probably pick up the majority of the food we get."
    The Statesboro Food Bank, like other food banks across the nation, provide food to needy families and individuals who find themselves in situations where purchasing food is difficult or impossible. Each year, the food bank benefits from various food drives and serves hundreds of families and individuals in need.
    Gay reminds citizens to place canned goods or other nonperishable items in bags beside the mail boxes, not inside.
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