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Gun ban still in effect at local colleges, university
New carry law has provision for local control in schools
armed robbery
Georgia’s new gun law may allow licensed citizens to take their guns into bars, churches and some government buildings, but colleges reserve the right to ban firearms from their campuses.If a gun owner is simply passing through campus, a firearm in the vehicle is allowed. Otherwise, guns are prohibited in school “safety zones,” according to spokespersons at East Georgia State College, Ogeechee Technical College and Georgia Southern University.House Bill 60, signed into law by Gov. Nathan Deal earlier this year, allows licensed owners to carry guns into churches, bars and other places, but it includes a provision that allows local school boards to decide whether to arm teachers and staff and to ban firearms from their campuses.Georgia's Safe Carry Protection Act allows schools to fine those in violation of their bans if guns are visibly displayed in off-limits areas, but firearms are allowed in cars parked or traveling through a school safety zone.
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