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GSU group releases Ogeechee findings
The closer to the river, the more symptoms; nursing students stress need for more research
River Study- Nursing Students
GSU nursing students Lynsey Johnson, left, and Chelsea Allen explain the findings of the study.
Nursing students who surveyed 76 people along the Ogeechee River since last May’s fish die-off found that the closer people live to the river, the more health symptoms they reported.But no cause-and-effect relationship has been established. Further, the five Georgia Southern University nursing students, who did the study as a class project, found no correlation between the reported symptoms and two other questions on their survey: time spent swimming in the river and the number of fish consumed from its waters. Presenting the results Saturday afternoon, the student researchers emphasized their study’s limitations and said that what it points to, more than anything else, is a need for further research.About 60 people filled Statesboro Regional Library’s community room for the presentation Saturday afternoon.
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