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Father charged in assault with knife
Victim suffered small laceration
Statesboro Police Department patch

Statesboro police issued warrants Tuesday for a man who reportedly pulled a knife on his son over spoiled food.

Officers responded to a home on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive just before 12:30 a.m. Tuesday after getting a call about “family violence incident” regarding an argument between two men. The call was reported as involving a knife, said Madison Warren, Statesboro Police community information specialist.

When officers arrived, the father, Charles Jackson Sr., had already left the scene, but his adult son told them he and his father argued over “food that was spoiled,” she said.

During the altercation, Jackson reportedly “grabbed a knife and held it to the victim’s throat,” she said. The victim “was able to get away” and go to another location in order to call for help.

The victim was not seriously injured, but suffered a “small laceration” due to the knife’s blade Warren said.




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