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East Georgia State College honors employees at recognition program
East Georgia State College President Dr. David Schecter honors David Gribbin for 40 years of service to the college.

Each year at East Georgia State College’s fall workshop, faculty and staff come together to meet about the upcoming academic year. During the workshop, the annual EGSC Employee Appreciation and Recognition Program is held.

During this year’s workshop on Aug. 3, outstanding faculty and staff were acknowledged. Employees achieving service milestones were presented awards for their dedication and years of service. In addition, STAR Staff Awards were presented to a staff member in each department and Distinguished Faculty Awards were presented to faculty members who have gone above and beyond for students.

The first awards given out, the Service Milestone Awards, were for years of service. The award recipients have 285 years of combined service to EGSC. David Gribbin was awarded the 40 years of service award. 

Left to right, Wilder Coleman, James Steptoe and Michael Rountree are honored by Dr. David Schecter for 25 years of service to East Georgia State.

Wilder Coleman, James Steptoe and Michael Rountree were celebrated for 25 years of service. Keith Barrs was recognized for 20 years of service. Jennifer Fields and Donna Freeman received recognition for 15 years. Pamela Adams, Willie Freeman, Amber Hodges, Michael Luzzi, Thomas Parillo, John Rincon, Amelia Simmons and Brittany Strickland were all recognized for 10 years of service to EGSC. Gregory Avra, John Cadle, John Gleissner, Christian Kraus, Jaehyuk Lee, Gloria Robinson, Audrey West and Cindy Wadley celebrated five years of service. 

Left to right, Pamela Adams, Willie Freeman, Amber Hodges, Michael Luzzi, Thomas Parillo, John Rincon, Amelia Simmons and Brittany Strickland are honored for 10 years of servcice by Dr. David Schecter at East Georgia State.

The next awards presented at the event were the awards for STAR Staff of the Year and Distinguished Faculty Awards. The recipients of these awards were chosen by the head of their department. 

In the STAR Staff of the Year category, five full-time staff members were recognized. They were as follows: Michael Rountree for the President’s Office, Alex Smith for Information Technology, Amanda Douglas for Academic Affairs, Lynette Saulsberry for Student Affairs and Clair Wright for Business Affairs.

The Distinguished Faculty of the Year Awards for the School of Liberal Arts, Mathematics and Natural Sciences were awarded to Candace Lynn, Breana Simmons, Jessica Todd and Laura Chambers.

EGSC’s success as an institution is strengthened by its dedicated faculty and staff who are focused on helping every student achieve a college degree. EGSC would like to thank the faculty and staff for their hard work each year.

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