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Does Santa need a makeover?
Students at Bible Baptist think not
The Herald recently sat down with a very excited group of pre-K students at Bible Baptist Christian Academy to discuss if Santa needs a makeover. Shown saying "Rudolph!" for the camera are, back row, Jade Sykes, Kenley Cross, Gabriella Dodson, Colin Fenton and Anderson Starling. Kneeling are Isabella Wagar and Sophia Blanford. - photo by AUNA PHILLIPS


When something is working, you just don’t monkey with it.

       Sophia Blanford, Gabriella Dodson, Jade Sykes, Isabella Wagar, Anderson Starling, Kenley Cross and Colin Fenton are all pre-K students at Bible Baptist Christian Academy, and they think Santa’s just fine the way he is. According to them, Jolly Old St. Nick doesn’t need a makeover.

    Santa wears a red suit and hat, and sports a beard, and that’s just as it should be, according to these very animated and excited children.

    “He’s got his hat and he’s ready to go,” says Jade.

    “I like his jacket,” said Anderson, while Colin said he likes Santa’s belt.

    “I like everything about Santa,” added Sophia.

    Santa’s favorite color is red, and he wears it all the time, the group agreed, although Anderson says he thinks Santa prefers the color blue.

    “He wears pajamas sometimes, when he goes home and takes his bath,” Gabriella added.

    Santa definitely does NOT wear jeans, the children said. When he’s not working, though, St. Nick goes a bit more casual.

    “He wears overalls when he’s not working,” Kenley said.

    We asked if Santa needs a new ride, like maybe a fast car or even a rocket, but the group again agreed. No way!

    “He has reindeer,” Jade said. “He doesn’t need a rocket or a car. He sticks with the sleigh.”

    Everyone in the group said they leave Santa milk and cookies. Sophia said she makes and decorates them herself. But we asked if maybe Santa should eat something with less calories, like maybe carrots, with water to drink. The answer was a resounding no.

    “Because he don’t like it,” Jade said.

    “He only likes cookies and milk,” Kenley added.

    “And carrots,” Anderson added, are for the reindeer.

    We suggested that maybe Santa might like to switch things up, and have some pizza instead.

    “I won’t leave Santa Claus pizza. That’s nasty,” said Gabriella.

    The group all agreed that it has to be milk and cookies because Santa needs them.

    When asked why Santa brings presents, the group all agreed.

    “When you leave cookies for him, he leaves surprises for us,” Jade said.

    Everyone in the group was sure they are on the nice list this year, although Jade pointed out that she’s pretty sure Anderson is on the naughty list. Anderson disagreed.

    “I’m on the good list,” he said, smiling, while Isabella added, also smiling, that she’s definitely on the good list.

    “I’m on the nice list, I think,” Sophia said.

    When Christmas is over, we wondered what Santa does. But apparently, when Christmas is over in this area, he still has work to do in other parts of the world.

    “He finds ‘nother kids, when it’s still Christmas night, and they’re sleeping in their little beds, he has to go do that,” Kenley said.

    “He has to go all over,” Anderson added.

    Santa doesn’t take a vacation, the kids all agreed. He most definitely doesn’t go to the beach.

    “No, he don’t go to the beach,” Jade said.

    “He would burn up,” Gabriella added. “He’s from the North Pole, and he likes snow. It’s too hot at the beach.”

    Most of the children said they had already seen Santa this year, to make sure he knows what they want for Christmas — but what about those who haven’t seen him?

    “If you don’t see him, you gotta get a list ready,” Jade said, while all the other children nodded.

    So while Santa is checking his list for that second time this year, we’re sure he’ll find Sophia, Gabriella, Jade, Isabella, Kenley and Colin on it — and even Anderson. And we’re also sure he’ll be wearing his red jacket, pants and hat.

    Because after all — when it works, you just stick with it. 

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