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DNA leads to arrest of serial felon
Suspect charged with indecent exposure, Peeping Tom
Darius Wigfall
Darius Wigfall

DNA evidence snagged a man police say is responsible for a series of lewd acts including indecent exposure and Peeping Tom. The evidence led to a warrant that placed him back in jail immediately after completing a previous sentence.

The series of incidents linked to the Tuesday arrest of Darius Wigfall  of Robin Hood Trail began in 2017, said Statesboro Police Capt. Jared Akins.

“In July 2017 …patrol officers responded to a series of indecent exposure cases in apartment complexes located off of Fair Road,” he said.  “Based on extensive follow up work, officers were able to issue public indecency warrants”  for Wigfall, who  eluded capture for several months.

On Feb. 2, 2018,  SPD Patrol officers responded to Statesboro Place Circle for a Peeping Tom report, he said. A woman “observed a male outside her window engaged in lewd activity while looking into her window.  The male fled prior to the arrival of officers, however they were able to recover biological evidence from the scene and submit it for DNA testing at the GBI Crime Lab.”

He said that incident was "of significant concern because it was one of several similar occurrences near apartment complexes during that time period.” 

A month later, officers responded to Robin Hood Trail after a male “committed lewd acts in front of two females at that location,” he said. Officers were able to positively identify the male as Wigfall, 28, and issued additional public indecency warrants for his arrest.  Other patrol officers arrested Wigfall at an apartment on Lanier Drive on May 21, 2018, he said.

Just over two years later, DNA evidence inked Wigfall to the Statesboro Place Circle incident, Akins said.

After being sentenced to prison for the public indecency counts,his parole was revoked.

“He had previously been sentenced for a wide variety of violent, drug, and weapons offenses,” he said.

While Wigfall was incarcerated, he was required to submit a DNA sample, and that was what linked him to the Statesboro Place Circle Peeping Tom case, according to Akins.

“In early 2020, detectives received notification that Wigfall’s DNA matched that of the earlier unknown sample collected by patrol officers in 2018 Statesboro Place Circle. After that, an additional warrant for Peeping Tom, a felony, was issued by the assigned detective.

After his prior prison sentence expired, Wigfall was booked into the Bulloch County Jail on the Peeping Tom charge.  He remains there pending further judicial action.

Anyone with information on this case should contact Detective James Winskey at 912-764-9911.

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