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Council approves alcohol changes
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Movie theaters that also sell alcohol in Statesboro will once again be able offer discounted tickets for youth and senior citizens after action taken at Tuesday's city council meeting.
    The council unanimously approved a measure aimed at correcting what City Manager George Wood called an "inadvertent" consequence of changes made to the city's alcohol ordinance aimed at preventing underage and binge drinking.
    "Inadvertently they got caught up in the changes to the alcohol ordinance because they serve alcohol at Mugs and Movies," Wood said.
    The changes made at Tuesday's meeting exempt movie theaters from rules prohibiting discounted admission based on age.
    "What this does is that if the predominant use is showing movies, the city doesn't have a problem with them reducing prices for matinees or anything like that," Wood said.
    The measure had previously been endorsed by the city's Alcohol Control Board.
    Also at Tuesday's meeting, the council approved the rezoning of approximately 27 acres on Cawana Road to Planned Unit Development with an R-15 overlay that limits the development to 45 homes.
    The rezoning drew opposition from residents of Bradford Place, who said the initial request, which would have had more than 60 homes. Residents of the neighborhood cited increased traffic as well as increased density as two of their major concerns with the proposal.
    The council also required the homes to have a brick or other suitable exterior, have a minimum of 1,750 square feet of heated space and have a two-car garage.
    The annexation request still has to be approved a second time, presumably at the council's next meeting in two weeks, before taking effect.
    The council placed identical requirements on property that borders Bradford Place a few months ago.
    Other action taken by the council Tuesday included:
  • approved an ordinance amending the city's residential subdivision incentive plan;
  • approved a preliminary subdivision plat to divide 61.26 acres on Packinghouse Road into 104 lots zone R-15;
  • awarded a bid to Rozier Ford for four Ford Crown Victoria police cruisers in the amount of $84,865.80;
  • awarded a bid to Carl Gregory Dodge for two Dodge Chargers for $49,572.
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