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Confederate memorial vandalized
Wreath, flags damaged after ceremony

A wreath and flags were reportedly damaged after a Confederate History and Heritage Month observance Saturday.

Statesboro police took a report Sunday from Mike Mull, commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Ogeechee Rifles Camp #945, listing damages found after a wreath-laying ceremony Saturday.

According to the report, damages to the display at the North Main Street location (Bulloch County Courthouse Confederate Memorial) included moving a wreath and damaging two flags.

Mull said “The monument was not affected but the wreath … was damaged. Two flags — a Confederate battle flag and the 3rd National Confederate flag — were torn from the wreath and thrown to the ground.  The grapevine wreath itself was not damaged, but the stand that supported the wreath was bent.”

He said Monday he hopes police will be able to review surveillance video, as the monument is under daily 24-hour surveillance.

“I'm disappointed that we live in a community where the history and heritage of all people cannot be respected and celebrated,” he said.

“Damaging that wreath is the same as desecration of graves. That wreath was meant to memorialize the hundreds of men who left their farms, fields, offices and pulpits to fight for a cause in which they believed, right or wrong.  The Sons of Confederate Veterans recognize the right of other groups and cultures to celebrate their heritage, and we wonder why we cannot do the same without retribution."

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