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Community shares reasons for being thankful
Leaders offer their gratitude

Today is Thanksgiving. For what are you thankful?

Celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, Thanksgiving is traditionally a day when people acknowledge reasons to be thankful. While modern society equates the holiday with turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie and the advent of Christmas shopping, the holiday began in 1621 when colonists and Native Americans shared the fruits of an autumn harvest, according to

It was two centuries later before Abraham Lincoln, during the Civil War, declared a national holiday be observed each November, according to the website.

History shows the first Thanksgiving meal likely consisted of Native American foods, including lobster, seal and swans, the site stated.  The traditional menu evolved to consist of what it is known for today – turkey and all the trimmings.

The holiday is still recognized for its original purpose, and several Bulloch County leaders and other citizens share reasons they are thankful today.

Brooklet resident Keith Brinson was passionate in his expression of thanks.

“Thanksgiving Day to me is another day God has given to me,” he said. “… Throughout the year I try my best to be thankful and give thanks, knowing I fall short. I have had Thanksgiving days that I have had to spend alone, those that I wish I could have been alone as well as Thanksgiving days with loving family and friends. Regardless of my situation, this is a day given to me that I have always and will continue to praise God for everything …with a calm and peaceful heart.”

Bulloch County Manager Tom Couch showed his sporting side when asked why he is thankful.

“I am thankful for my family, friends and coworkers, present good health, and the fact that Jim Harbough is the new football coach at the University of Michigan, and I hope they whip Ohio State this weekend,” he said.

Portal Police Chief Jason Sapp said he is thankful to live and work in a community of great people, and will be on duty today helping keep Portal safe. “I’m thankful for good health, family and friends, and my job,” he said.

Local business owner Clay Beaver will also be working today, operating his family’s restaurant in Statesboro. “I’m thankful for my daughter, a home to live in, and a great community that supports local businesses,” he said.

Bulloch County Sheriff Lynn Anderson made no bones about why he is thankful. “First off, I’m thankful for my family, and to have a good job to support them and to work with some of the finest people,” he said.

Register City Councilman Kevin Boyd also shared reasons he is grateful.

“My life is a good as it has ever been. I have a hard time thinking of something I’m not thankful for,” he said. “My wife, job and kids, life in general –I’m thankful for all of it.”

Statesboro Mayor Jan Moore was quick to list her top reasons for being thankful. “My family is healthy, I love my jobs, and I love Statesboro.”

Bulloch County Public Safety Director Ted Wynn also knew exactly why he is thankful. “For my family, my grandchildren, and to live in a country that is still free,” he said.

Brooklet Police Chief Max Meyer said “I’m thankful for a smooth operation, good folks to work with, everybody is safe, everything is moving according to plan and you can’t get any better than that.”


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