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Words written in the firmament
bressler color

    Every morning, I get to look into the eyes of the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. I smile at her and she says, “Good morning, Doofus!” with a smile that makes my day. All week I get to drive on some back roads — hopefully avoiding the ubiquitous deer — to be at East Georgia State and surrounded by students of all shapes and sizes and some of the nicest colleagues you’d ever want to meet. My office is on the south side and I am within spitball range of three historians, two great English professors, a first class expert in theatre and public speaking, a couple of math whiz bangs and a few sociologists. Bob, the math genius, is also an accomplished playwright and wrote a short story about living in a “Magical House!”
    Just imagine that you live in a house where you turn in for a night’s sleep and yet your place has clothing piled up all over, dirty dishes in the sink and the place needs a good cleaning, but when you wake up, the house is spotless, all the laundry is neatly folded and the dishes are sparkling! Bob never knows who does all this stuff, how it gets done, but it sure makes getting up a lot of fun! Now, before you get too spoiled with all this utopian setting, most folks have some down time, heartache and moments when the day has some almost overwhelming setbacks. However, before closing time, almost everyone is ready to leave with the feeling that he or she made it through and everything is going to be just fine!
    I live each day with the thought, “Who knows what today will bring? No matter what might happen, God’s going to take care of His beloved children. We will make it and we’ll be okay!”
    Every night, before turning in, rain or shine, I go out back with Downgirlsit and look up at the night sky. Out where we live — and I call it, “out in the country” — there isn’t a lot of artificial lighting to contaminate the night sky so I feel as though I have a front row seat in GSU’s planetarium and an unobstructed view of every star in our hemisphere. I’m not much of an astronomer, but I can find the North Star, the Little Dipper and if I had a star chart could locate a few constellations. The view never gets commonplace and I never get tired of wondering why I have been so blessed!
    I have my study Bible open to my favorite Psalm. All I have to do is to turn my head just a tad and focus on the top of the page and begin to read, “O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is thy name in all the earth!” I quickly skip to verse three, close my eyes and remember what I saw last night in God’s heaven. It is as though His Words were written  in the firmament, the arch of the sky, “When I look at thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and stars which thou hast established; what is mankind that thou art mindful of us, and each person ... do You really know every individual? Do You really know me?”
    Folks, I know I have taken some exegetical liberty here, but I believe that is what the Psalmist was saying.
    Psalm 8 does not wander around all over the place and asking for understanding because the world seems to be in disarray because of political in-fighting, terrorists, catastrophic storms and you may add whatever you like. The Psalmist just asks us to back away, look up and realize that God is the Creator. We are to understand that God has made us His stewards and if there are problems, we caused them, and we are to fix them! Wow! I feel both blessed and challenged.
    I have the rest of the day to do the best I can!
    Thanks, God!

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