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Turning to the channel of life
bressler color

    I was listening to good old 91.1, the public radio station, and heard about something I found hard to believe. Hold that thought for just a minute. Trying to find a decent show on television can be a heartbreaker at times. There are so many of those so-called reality shows on these days and I have a very difficult time wondering why anyone would watch them.
    I am not slamming or negating what a lot of viewers obviously enjoy, but for the life of me, I am stumped. When it's late in the evening and I am winding down, I just wear out the old remote. I can take a few minutes of shows like catching catfish with your bare hands, Honey Booboo eats an entire banana in one bite, only an idiot opens a bet with a two of clubs and a four of diamonds, naked strangers sleeping out in the open and being attacked by mosquitoes, worst dressed movie stars and soccer playoffs of 1993. It's hard to get sleepy with stuff like this.
    Usually, when I really want to take a power nap — Julie calls it "wasting time in an old chair that needs to be pitched" — I will turn on a golf match or a movie I have seen at least 10 times. All the announcers speak in a whisper and there are even folks who hold up signs that everyone is to obey: Quiet! If someone sneezes or takes a picture during a backswing, he or she is quickly escorted out of sight and out of mind. It's okay to get excited, agitated or disappointed, but just keep it to yourself.
    Back to PBS. It seems that Norway, a country full of wild and crazy guys, has television but only one channel. The rage for viewers is a show called, "Slow TV." There are presently two winners. One television show goes for about 18 hours with no commercial breaks, A Train Ride. The really biggie is an actual time ferry boat ride that runs for about 144 hours. People line the waterway hoping to be seen on television and it is reported that even the queen was on hand when the boat docked at the final destination. Talk about suspense! Comic Stephen Colbert said that two other humdingers were "Watching Paint Dry" followed by the "Great Glacier Race"!
    I am not trying to criticize television, but our present-day culture would rather watch people exercise or have fun looking at people who seem to have lost touch with reality rather than to go out and personally get involved with life.
    Someone said that there are two types of people: those who like to look through a telescope and those who want to be astronauts. The telescope is pretty safe and the space ship can be dangerous.
    Life is a lot like reaching for the Bible. We can read, memorize and imagine so much about the world God has given to us and use all that information as a personal treasure, or we can realize that we hold in our hand a map that we must open, unfold and use to navigate the back roads of life as we move towards our final destination. Folks, it sure isn't slow, and we'll be home before we even realize it.
    Thanks, God!

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